Feeding edible beans to cattle.

Asked October 7, 2013, 9:13 PM EDT

I have a client that has 25 tons of dried red beans (from MI)that he wants to feed to cattle. I am in SE PA. He has the ability to roast and roll. What are limitations/conconcerns about feeding to feedlot cattle. Jim Hogue,PAS Agri-Basics, Inc., Manheim, PA rtrider1@embarqqmail.com Thank you

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  • Beans contain roughly 70-80% total digestible nutrients and 20-25% crude protein.
  • Beans are not very palatable, and are not very digestible unless ground or rolled prior to feeding.
  • An anti-nutritional component of beans, lectins, reduces nutrient absorption in the small intestine.
  • In general, raw, unroasted beans should not make up over 20% of the ration dry matter for cattle.
  • Heat processing (roasting) will minimize the detrimental effects of lectins, increase by-pass protein, and of course, adds expense.
  • Roasting may slightly increase the amount that can be fed, but the level is not likely to exceed 25% of the ration dry matter.
  • If beans are fed at higher levels, they will cause a decrease in feed intake and cattle will scour.
Hope this helps.

-Dan Buskirk