I had foxtails in my yard over the summer. Now they're dried and littered...

Asked October 7, 2013, 5:14 PM EDT

I had foxtails in my yard over the summer. Now they're dried and littered about. I don't have any grass in my back yard so i'm unsure of how to prepare my yard to ensure I don't get foxtails next spring. I purchased Spectracide Weed killer but I don't think that's useful at this point. I have read about pre-emergents; but, again, i have no idea when to use it. SO, bottom line please, how can i treat my dirt back-yard and possibly lay grass seed to get a new lawn growing as i understand good grass squeezes out these horrific weeds. Thank you!!!

Sacramento County California

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Foxtail is a summer annual. The seeds sprout in the spring when the soil warms, the plant grows, blooms, sets seed and dies. You want to establish your lawn now in the fall so the new grass get off to a good start. You do not want to use any herbicides until the new lawn has gotten off to a good start. next spring you can apply a pre-emergent herbicide to stop the summer annuals and summer grasses from sprouting. These generally need to be applied in the early spring as the ground warms up. If you apply it now you will prevent the grass seeds of the lawn from establishing. whether you can use a particular pre and post emergent herbicide will depend on what type of grass seed you use in the lawn. Bluegrass and other northern lawns are different enough that some materials can kill summer grasses and leave them undamaged. Some warm weather lawns are too similar to summer grass weeds to use these materials without fear.