Eliminating Gold Moss Sedum in your lawn

Asked October 7, 2013, 5:14 PM EDT

Is there a product that will eliminate Gold Moss Sedum in the lawn. It has invaded all of the lawns in our area and spreads further every year. We live in Northern MI and the soil is sandy. When it is raked out it spreads even worse in short order.

Iosco County Michigan

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This particiular sedum is variously called by a number of names but officially is known as Sedum Acre. This pernicious weed is a nice looking perennial in some parts of the yard and flower bed but quickly takes over by reseeding and by the fleshy leaves when they fall off the mother plant. As you have discovered the leaves will sprout new plants once they touch the soil.

A dedicated pulling program is recommended for this weed followed by applications of Preen (a pre-emergent product) which is available at most plant stores or big box stores as well. The pulling program is recommended as it will pick up most of the leaves before they fall off. A pre-emergent product prevent seed from germinating in the soil. It should not be used around day llilies as their future growth will also be affected. The process as described above will probably take a year or two before completely effective but will work.

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