African or Africanized Bees

Asked October 7, 2013, 4:09 PM EDT

Is there any agency that will help remove African or Africanized Bees from my neighborhood?

Clackamas County Oregon

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As far as anyone knows Africanized bees don't yet occur in Oregon, it would be big news if (when) they are found here. Why do you think you've found these bees?

I am not an expert on bees and I certainly wasn't looking for uber angry bees with an agenda. I was swarmed while pulling weeds and cutting back the English Ivy that grows in from my neighbor's yard. I was bent over collecting my debris for the recyclable bin when I felt a series of stings on my back and before I could fully straighten up I had bees all over me. I ran and they chased me. Every time I stopped they swarmed. I finally went far enough they gave up. I still had three of them on me when I rushed into my house and jumped in the shower. I have one of those three in a tissue.It looks like a bee but I have never experienced a honey bee behaving the way these bees did.

Sounds like a pretty harrowing experience. Since wasps and bees are often confused I have to ask ... are you certain they were bees rather than yellowjacket wasps? At this time of the year yellowjackets can be extremely aggressive and protective of their nests.

If these were honey bees then my guess is you stumbled on a feral (wild) colony that was in the process of moving the hive. The bees can be agitated during these moves and more aggressive than usual. In either case if you were using a brush cutter or chain saw that sound can set off both wasps and bees and provoke swarming behavior. If the bee swarm is still in the area any local bee keeper will be happy to collect it.

These were definately bees. Their bobies are fuzzy with the banding and not big like a Bumble Bee. I wasn't using any power equipment just hand tools. And I wasn't disturbing a hive or nest that I could see. If you know of any bee keepers who would come and collect them, I would like to contact them. I have peacefully cohabitated with bees in the past but these are the kind that I don't want to share my yard with.

I don't have a list of local bee keepers but your county Extension office may be able to help.