A week ago our pines looked fine -- yesterday I noticed brown areas in the...

Asked October 7, 2013, 1:46 PM EDT

A week ago our pines looked fine -- yesterday I noticed brown areas in the trees. Could you explain what might be happening & what I can do to stop more of the tree from turning brown?

Waseca County Minnesota

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It's pretty hard for me to say without more information. What kind of pines are they? Are they too dry or in standing water? How old are they? Could you send a photo?

They are long needled pines so I believe they are Norway pines. They are about 15 years old. They are not in standing water and I don't believe they are too dry. They are in a low area of the yard and it usually gets pretty dewy in the mornings. I do not have a means to download a photo to you - Sorry. I usually water them in the Fall extensively and was talking about doing that last week when I noticed this.

Thanks for providing some more info. I think maybe I will send you some links so that you can look at some photos and compare them to what you are seeing since you are unable to send photos. I didn't ask you where the browning is or starts and that does make a difference in trying to figure it out but you can determine what looks and sounds most like what you are seeing. Hope these are helpful.