Crepe Myrtle springing up in lawn

Asked October 5, 2013, 12:06 PM EDT

Is there a way to get rid of crepe myrtle springing up all over my St Augustine lawn? I imagine these sprigs are from the roots of my crepe myrtle trees and not from any seeds falling from the trees.

Harris County Texas

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Suckering of crepe myrtles usually occurs when the plant has been stressed or injured.

Suckers are more prone on juvenile, young trees. In addition, mechanical damage by weed trimmers to the lower stem and upper portion of the root system can cause sucker development. Trees with surface roots also have more suckers. When removing suckers by pruning, use sharp pruners and do not leave a stub. Most sucker control products work best when suckers that are present are cut off, then the sucker-control product is sprayed on the cut-over areas. You can spray napthaleneacetic acid (NAA - an organic auxin) to control suckers. Products available with this active ingredient are Sucker Stopper from Monterey Lawn and Garden Products and Fertilome Prune Smart Sprout Inhibitor.

Please read all directions and follow the label prior to using any chemicals.

Thanks for the question.