I am looking for eXtension examples of "big data" use in...

Asked October 3, 2013, 12:44 PM EDT

I am looking for eXtension examples of "big data" use in agriculture, either in research or commercial. Are there outcomes from ag big data research that can be directly applied on farms? Are there big data tools for farms that do not have large budgets but can afford some dollars? Thanks, John Blue

Marion County Indiana

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Hi John, "Big Data" is used within the marketing and insurance ends of production. At the local level, the management of local yield, field and mapping data mashed with national datasets are available for interpolation...and some farmers do this themselves or pay for the service. Cornell is attempting to use weather forecasting for fertilizer application rates (this is very much in experimental phase). Last I new, Purdue was intercepting and storing satellite imagery real-time. John Deere, Monsanto and others have commercially invested in this concept.

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Any one at Purdue that you know so I may contact them? Thanks, John