Asked October 2, 2013, 10:07 PM EDT

My chickens have worms that are shaped like rice. What type worm is this and what is the appropriate treatment?

Northampton County Pennsylvania

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This is tough to answer not seeing the worms. If you have worms that look like angel-hair pasta pieces, then they are roundworms Smaller worms will either be capillaria or cecal worms.

BUT, did you see these worms in freshly voided manure? O, did you discover them later in a pile of manure? Rice-shaped worms can also be the larval stage of the housefly as it gets ready to pupate, and they could have been laid after the manure was voided.

There are over-the-counter wormers for poultry. Be sure to follow all label instructions and take all precautions when using any therapies on birds.

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The worms were larvae from flies. The rooster had a wound. I gave the bird a bath and cleaned the area well and am keeping the rooster in. Is there anything else I should be doing? I am keeping a close watch on the rooster. Thank you.

Fly control is best attained by keeping the pens as dry as possible. They need water in which to breed. Keep an eye on that wound. As long as it stays dry and continues to heal, there should not be any need for any further treatment. If flies are attacking the wound, then an over the counter wound dressing will need to be applied. A petroleum based product would be preferred over that of a pine tar based preparation. Chickens do not have the same skin structure as cattle. Caninie or equine sections of a vet supply would have these preparations.