How do I eradicate the moles in lawn?

Asked October 1, 2013, 4:06 PM EDT

My yard is polluted with moles. I contacted the pest control company and they said that there wasn't much I could do to get rid of them. He suggested that I use grub control products to cut off the mole's supply of food. Please help...

Dauphin County Pennsylvania

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The company that you contacted is mostly correct. Moles are difficult to eradicate from a lawn once they become established in an area. While it is true that moles eat grubs, they are not the favorite food source -- earthworms are. So, treating your lawn in the spring for grubs may not totally solve your problem.

Moles like a lawn that has soft, slightly damp soil. If it is possible, you might consider using a roller on your lawn to make it harder for the moles to burrow. Also, if you water your lawn, allowing it to be drier will make your lawn less hospitable for the moles. By changing these conditions, you may encourage them to move out.

One of the more effective methods of mole control is trapping. I have included a link that explains what types of traps work best and how to set them.

Some research has been done on a new bait on the market that targets moles. It is in the shape of a worm and the active ingredient is bromethalin. Research has shown that this has helped in controlling moles.

You might be thinking of trying many of the home remedies for controlling moles. While it is true that some have caused the moles to leave, it is really because the food source of the moles has moved.

Good Luck.