Today, and probably 2-3 other days within the past week, our house and garage...

Asked October 1, 2013, 3:33 PM EDT

Today, and probably 2-3 other days within the past week, our house and garage are covered in stink bugs! They are on the window screens, doors, the stucco walls, siding, and they creep into the house around the doors and windows! This seems to happen around the same time every year. What is going on, and how can we get rid of them? I can't stand it!

Franklin County Ohio

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The fact sheet on (

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Its additional status as a nuisance pest makes the brown marmorated stink bug different than other plant-feeding stink bug species. The adults enter homes and ...
on stink bugs included this paragraph:
Management Indoors
The brown marmorated stink bug can be mechanically excluded from homes and buildings by sealing cracks and other openings in the buildings. If bugs are entering the living areas of the home, the openings where the insects gain access first should be located, then sealed. Typical entry points include cracks and crevices around window and door trim, window-mounted air conditioners, exhaust fans, ceiling fixtures, baseboards, and chimneys. Cracks or openings should be sealed with caulk to prevent entry by the stink bugs. Torn window screens should be repaired, and window-mounted air conditioners should be removed. Live and dead stink bugs can be removed from buildings with a vacuum cleaner or shop vac, and the vacuum bag should be promptly removed and discarded. Insecticides should not be used inside houses after the insects have gained access. Using an insecticide indoors is not recommended because this will not stop additional invasions, and exposure of humans and pets to pesticides should be avoided.

Even if your stink bugs are not this species, this advice should apply to your problem.