Stink bug

Asked October 1, 2013, 2:18 PM EDT

We have stink bugs on the screens of our back porch and on the roof of our family room... Wondering if certain plants/trees attract them or just the warm sun? Anything we can spray to get rid of them so they don't come in the house?

New Castle County Delaware

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Brown marmorated stink bugs (BMSB) feed on a wide variety of different plants (hundreds of hosts) which include ashes, maples, tree-of-heaven, Paulownia, apples, peaches, corn, peppers, Caryopteris, and sunflowers. This time of year, warm sun is going to be very attractive, especially as our nights become cooler. As far as I am aware, there is very little work being done on finding pesticides to treat homes to keep them from coming into the house. Stink bugs are difficult to kill with insecticides for those growing crops and this is where the current focus of management efforts are directed. Spraying a home is not a cost effective method to manage BMSB because the insecticides degrade in sunlight or are washed off typically within 2 weeks. Exclusion (caulking, sealing, re-screening windows/doors, etc.) is the most effective method to keep them from coming into a home. There are a variety of traps out there to capture stink bugs, but I have seen little in detailed research to suggest which is more effective than the next. Traps and trapping systems are being designed and tested for agriculture growers (fruit tree orchards, soybean farmers, etc.) but this information has yet to make its way to the general public.