Asked October 1, 2013, 1:39 PM EDT

My St. Augustine lawn has been killed by Take All Patch. I'm going to re-sod with Palisades Zoysia in the Spring.

What are the fertilization and water requirements for this grass?

I live on the South side of Houston, Texas.

Harris County Texas

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I'm attaching a few links to help you out.

This first link reviews the various warm season grasses that perform well in our area. http://aggie-turf.tamu.edu/answers4you/publications/Turf%20Selection%20SCS-2009-05lr.pdf

This link is to the Aggie Turf site, and the Turf Answers 4 You section. This site covers everything from grass varieties to fertilization to insect and disease problems. http://aggie-turf.tamu.edu/answers4you/fertilization.html

This link covers selecting and installing sod.

Thanks for the question.