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Asked October 1, 2013, 11:18 AM EDT

Just an FYI that your page at is quite out of date. ORCO Mole Bait is no longer registered in WA. (I doubt it is registered anywhere). RCO has apparently replaced it with a Diphacinone formulation, "RCO Mole and Gopher Patrol". Also, you should mention that mole trapping with body-gripping traps is a serious offense in WA and Mass (and possibly other states). Finally, I did not see mention of the latest worm-shaped, bromethalin based mole baits (though I may have just missed it....) Dave Pehling, Zoologist -Pest management WSU Extension Snohomish County

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Thanks Dave.
Not sure if you knew or not, but as a member of the WDM Community of Practice, you can edit the pages. We would welcome the help.