Will frost damage newly seeded lawn?

Asked October 1, 2013, 10:40 AM EDT

I live in Aurora and I overseeded my front lawn and planted a patch of new lawn in the backyard about 9 days ago. The front lawn receives sun most of the day and already has seedlings emerging. The backyard does not receive as much sun and does not have anything as of yet. My concern is the cold temperatures forecasted. Do I need to be concerned about frost and is there anything I can do to minimize damage to the new seedlings? Thank you.

Arapahoe County Colorado

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The ideal time to start cool season grass seed is either in the spring, or in September by about Labor Day. This gives the seed enough time to germinate before frost and freezes hit.

The only thing I would recommend if you are really concerned is, if your seeded area is small enough, to place a garden cover over the freshly seeded area. These row covers are also known as Reemay, frost blanket or row cover available at garden centers, box stores, etc. You can also use a light bed sheet if the area is small enough.

The frost blanket is material that allows the plant to still breathe, but is light enough to protect from frost. Put the cover on in the evening, remove in the morning.

Be sure to keep the seeded areas (and the remainder of your lawn) well watered this fall, and also especially this winter if there is a lack of moisture.

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