Spider found in yard - son wans to keep

Asked September 30, 2013, 10:48 PM EDT

Hi! My son found the spider in the attached photos in a bucket next to a shed about 5 yards from a creek near Broomfield. He wants to keep the darling beast. It is a good 2" nose to tail. I can't see any markins on the belly. Do you have any idea what kind of spider it is? Is it a brown recluse? (god forbid) Thanks a ton! Lynnette DeBell

by the way we thinks it's a wolf spider because 2 eyes are bigger than the others

Jefferson County Colorado spiders

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This looks like a funnel web spider (http://bspm.agsci.colostate.edu/files/2013/03/Funnel-Weaver-Spiders1.pdf). We have been getting lots of inquiries about these this year. These are not medically significant spiders, and there would be no problem keeping one as a pet. However, Colorado spiders generally live a year or less so it will not last forever.