canning method and time for a particular recipe

Asked September 30, 2013, 10:10 PM EDT

My partner is British and loves this stuff called "Branston Pickle", which is usually served in pubs on a Plaughman's platter with cheddar, crackers, among other things. We found a recipe online at For the "swede", we substiuted a medium parsnip For the "small gherkins", we substituted 7 lemon cucumbers The chutney turned out great and we processed it in half pints with 1/2" headspace using the boiling water method for 10 minutes. Because this recipe has low acid food, I was unsure if this was the correct method, however, the recipe has some malt vinegar in it, so maybe it is fine. Can you tell me what you think? This is definitely a recipe we want to make again. It was so good! Thank you, Stephanie

Multnomah County Oregon

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What an interesting recipe. I see that it does not have processing instructions included which leads me to believe that this recipe has never been tested by a food lab for pH or heat transfer based on thickness of the product. Without that, I would be concerned about the safety of the product if canned.
We are not capable of analyzing a recipe for safety or to determine what adequate processing time/method would be to make it shelf stable. There are labs in Oregon that can help with this if it is a product you would like to preserve. Start with the Food Innovation Center.
Otherwise, this could be safely refrigerated for a few weeks and it might freeze with little damage to the texture since it is well cooked. Good luck.