preparing for winter

Asked September 30, 2013, 3:53 PM EDT

I need dummy proof instructions for preparing my more delicate plantings for the winter. IE when and how to protect them from frost damage.I live in Medford.

Jackson County Oregon

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We'll probably need to start a dialogue so that we know what kind of "delicate" plants you are talking about, how much (or little) expense you want to put into protection, and what your situation is in Medforfd (altitude, north, south, west or east facing plants, wind exposure, previous frost problems). Basically, the night time temperatures in December through February can reach as low as the teens, but rarely fall below 20. We are rated as USDA Zone 8b, which means the lowest of the winter lows averages out between 15 and 20 degrees. You can look up in references like Sunset Western Garden Book what zones ornamental plants tolerate. Ornamental plants that need protection can be shielded by burlap covers, non-woven polyester frost blankets, or frameworks covered by cardboard or heavy cloth. An upside down cardboard box also works. These devices should be easy to remove, as once the daytime temp rises above frost level ( which it frequently does), you will want the plant exposed to light. Fortunately, we have good weather forecasting here--we recommend that you obtain a weather band radio (can be purchased as little as $9.95) and listen to the daily forecasts and frost advisory or warnings. Please, let us know what specific plants you have so that we can provide the exact info you have requested. Thank you for asking! When you respond, please use the question number in your response so it can be forwarded to me!