Are seeds germinating from straw over new grass a problem?

Asked September 30, 2013, 9:24 AM EDT

I have repaired some bare places (due to grub damage) in my lawn. On inspection of some of the seedlings I can see that they are from seeds that were present in the straw that I used over the grass seed. Can I expect that they will overwinter or am I going to have this as a problem?

Franklin County Ohio

1 Response

I am assuming the straw was wheat straw and the seeds that germinated were wheat seeds. This will not be a problem and these wheat plants will help hold the soil in place while the lawn grass seeds germinate (typically 21 days from seeding) The wheat plant are annuals - meaning they will mature next summer and try to produce a seed head. Mowing next spring will prevent this from happening and they will finally die around June. There is no issue with them outcompeting the lawn grass and there should be no problem.