Covering Square Bales outdoors with a Blue Tarp

Asked September 30, 2013, 4:06 AM EDT

I have a few cattle.
Every year I have a lot of loss in my round hay bales when I leave them out for the winter and they get rained on. Am trying something different this year.
Have bought 50 square bales and set them outdoors on wooden pallets. Have covered the bales with thin blue tarps. Hope to buy some thicker ones next year.
should I shield the hay completely from the rain by covering them all around as I am doing now? Or should at least one side be exposed?

If you recommend partial exposure, would you please explain why?

Thank you

Brazoria County Texas

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Hi Mr. Gutierrez, I know we talked at the hay show, but I wanted to follow up. As long as the hay was sufficiently dry when covered, it should be fine to keep it completely covered. Just to make sure it doesnt get damp from condensation of moisture in the air, you might want to open a side or two every once in a while on a very dry day to pull out any accumulated moisture. I hope this helps