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Asked September 29, 2013, 11:29 PM EDT

I am looking for a organic approved cleaner for grain storage areas. Do you have any suggestions? I have checked Kansas state and purdue university web sites, and the only thing I am finding is chemicals. I know Pyrethrum is approved but from their website I have discovered that it is ineffective for this type of bugs that live right in the grain. Thanks, Leni

Cascade County Montana

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Diatomaceous earth is allowed to be added to organic grain in storage. You can find out more about D.E. at:

Make sure to check with your organic certification agency and add the substance to your organic system plan. You should also check with your potential grain buyers to make sure that they have no issues with you adding D.E. to your grain in storage.

Of course, preventative practices, including cleaning the grain of all weed seeds and foreign matter; making sure that the grain is fully dry before storage; thoroughly cleaning the bin prior to use; and circulating air in the grain bin should all be employed prior to use of any pesticide, including D.E.