Evergreen trees dying or totally browning out

Asked September 29, 2013, 11:15 AM EDT

For the past three months many complaints have been received regarding browning of various species of evergreens. Now notification about older growth trees and spreading browning out were received. What could be going on?

Monroe County Pennsylvania

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There are many reasons for browning of evergreens.

There is a natural browning of olders needles/scales as they die to be replaced by new.

Browning may also be caused by growing conditions - hot and dry causing browning, many numerous windy days with dry conditions may cause browning, if the roots are in soil that is overly wet for an extended period of time - browning may be seen. A harsh winter will also cause browning. If near a road - winter salts will cause browning.

Evergreens also have several insects and diseases that may cause browning. Hemlock wooly adelgid, spider mites, and various scales are some of the leading insect problems. Cytospora canker and needle cast diseases are some of the more common fungal concerns.

Thank you so much! May I send pictures? I have delivered sample branches to Extension office in Stroudsburg. Does anyone ever do site visits? Lois

You may send my photos at my e-mail address listed at the end. As for a visit to the site, call your local extension office and see it anyone does it.