Is there anything to do since Emerald Ash Borer has been found here?

Asked September 28, 2013, 12:18 PM EDT

Today's Daily Camera (9/28/13) reports the Emerald Ash Borer is now found in Boulder County. What is recommended other than watching for it? I have a healthy green ash (yellow fall leaves, must produce seeds b/c I get ash seedlings), 35 years old. It seems dumb to sit and wait until I think - oh the EABs are in my tree. I don't use insecticide, but will in extreme situations. I was hoping the introduction of wasps that parasitized the EAB would help, but if wasps are introduced before the EAB is in the tree what will the wasps parasitize instead??? I have garden wasps, I see the black kind at my bird bath. I probably have other wasps too as I am organic in my garden.

Boulder County Colorado

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As frustrating as it is to just 'sit and wait' until you see the pests on your tree, that is about all you can do right now. Identification is extremely important as there are some other borers that look similar to the EAB. Here's the link to a CSU publication written before the EAB was spotted in Boulder county: It will be helpful with identification and has pictures of possible look-alikes. will help you with recognizing signs and symptoms of the pest's presence.

The success rate of chemical treatment or prevention of an infestation is spotty at this time, and may require an intensity and frequency of application that you as a homeowner are not allowed by law to implement. Here again working with your Extension office will be your best option. will give you the information of what may be possible chemical controls, but also the difficulties of this type of control.

To summarize, watch your tree closely, learn to identify the pest, and keep the Boulder County CSU Extension contact info handy.

Good luck!