cherry trees

Asked September 27, 2013, 7:10 PM EDT


The website for my local agriculture extension office has fact sheets about fruit trees but I don't see any mention of cherries. Is it possible to grow cherries in the College Station, Texas area? I see that several varieties can be grown up to zone 10, such as the Kansas Sweet (a sweet/sour cross) so our limited chilling hours don't seem to be the problem. Are cherries susceptible to diseases or pests that are in the area? What are their soil requirements? Thank you, Victoria

Brazos County Texas

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Sweet cherries typically require a lot of chill hours (1000); there are only about 500 in Brazos county. However there are some new low chill cherries you can try.

Minnie Royal and Royal Lee; you will need both as they need cross pollination. However, their performance has not been proven in Texas. They will need well drained soil; not too many pest problems other than birds!!

Good luck!!