Planning to plant blueberries, What do I need? Varieties?

Asked September 27, 2013, 11:58 AM EDT

I am planning to plant two 100 ft rows of blueberries. The site is located 1 mile north of the intersection of Clare, Isabella, Mecosta, and Osceola counties. What is the best type of blueberry to plant?Is 5Ft the correct spacing? Where could I purchase the plants?

Osceola County Michigan

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First you should soil test to determine the soil pH. Blueberries prefer a soil pH of 5!
If the soil pH is too high you will need to lower it and that may take years.
Recommended planting distance is 3.5 feet between plants in the row and the rows 10 feet apart.
Varieties response to a specific site vary quite a bit so one variety may do well in one spot and poorly in another.
We do have a nice variety bulletin, for a dollar.
Northern Michigan fresh fruit variety recommendations are; Bluetta, Blueray, Patriot, Chippewa and Northblue. There are restrictions on importing blueberry plants into Michigan to prevent importing virus infected plants.
Most of the Michigan blueberry nurseries are locating in the blueberry production region. I have a list of the larger commercial nurseries in Van Buren there are probably others you could find on the internet. You would need to contact me directly to give me your email address.