Good Morning, My community recently installed a rain garden (in the last two...

Asked September 27, 2013, 9:33 AM EDT

Good Morning, My community recently installed a rain garden (in the last two weeks). The garden looks beautiful and so far is operating well. Unfortunately, we have a resident fox that is digging holes and uprooting plants on a nightly basis. The community tried to trap the fox last year, but he evaded capture. (While we don't have visual confirmation that it is a fox, we're fairly certain that it is as he's been seen in the area, the holes are large, and there are small paw prints.) Last night we tried placing out scent bottles of coyote urine. The fox simply tossed them aside and continued to dig the holes. Do you have suggestions for other possible deterrents? Thank you!

Anne Arundel County Maryland

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It may not be a fox....
We wonder why you were trying to trap him last year? Fox are a natural part of Maryland landscape and do not need to be controlled, and actually it's probably illegal to trap them in Anne Arundel county without a license. They are beneficial in helping to keep rodent populations in check.
Without a visual i.d., we could suspect other animals, such as dogs, groundhogs, or other wildlife, perhaps searching for invertibrates to eat. Was the area treated with bloodmeal or fish fertilizer? This could draw them. How big are the holes? Do you have photos? You might try calling the Department of Natural Resources Nuisance Wildlife Hotline for their suggestions. They can also talk about trapping with you: 1-877-463-6497

Good afternoon,
Thanks for your quick reply to my question. To answer your question, I live in a condo community in a suburban setting. I too agree that fox are a wonderful part of our landscape, but there were many safety concerns by residents so the condo board contracted with a licensed trapper. Fortunately for the fox, he outsmarted the trapper.
I'll try and take a picture of the holes that were dug, but the reason we suspect the fox as opposed to an animal like a groundhog is three fold. (1) We see the fox in this area every morning passing through. (2) Other than squirrels we don't see groundhogs or other larger potential wildlife and the holes are about 12" in size. (3) We've read that fox will try and dig holes and will come back to the same hole over and over again, which we've observed.
We've asked the installer if the fertilizer used included fish meal or other byproduct. At the very least, if the answer is yes he may switch products in the future.
We've purchased Liquid Fence to see if that will help. If you like I will let you all know how well it goes.
Thanks again.