small pasture 1 acre lot wheat ridge co.

Asked September 26, 2013, 8:12 PM EDT

What type of grass do I plant. We're thinking about getting some pygmy goats (2) Also when to plant? thanks

Jefferson County Colorado

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This question is a little difficult to answer without more information. I assume the attached photo is of the lot you want to seed. I also assume it it dryland (no irrigation). It would also be helpful to know the elevation of the property. If the photo is of the lot in question, it looks like it already has pretty good grass cover except in the foreground where the ground has been disturbed due to traffic, etc. I would not worry about trying to reseed the main portion of the lot that already has good grass cover. Goats will eat about anything that is available. If there are weeds that grow on the lot, they will do a good job of keeping them cleaned up. If you want to add a little variety to the grass, you could try just broadcasting some clovers (red and white) over the lot this winter. The snow and rain will help melt the seed into the ground over the winter. Broadcast the seed just prior to one of the early snows this winter. If you want to seed those bare areas, you will need to loosen the soil a little and then broadcast some grass seed and rake it in this winter as well (Probably November would be a good time to seed). You can get some good general grass mixes from most seed dealers or farm stores that fit different environments (plains, foothills, or mountains) in Colorado. Pawnee Buttes Seed or Sharp Brothers Seed, both in Greeley, are two of the main seed dealers in northern Colorado that can help you pick the right seed mix for your situation. If I have misinterpretted your question or situation, please feel free to contact me directly through email at