What are best temperatures and humidity for degreening room?

Asked September 25, 2013, 9:47 PM EDT

I'm in route for a promotion from forklift driving to degreening caretaker. I recently got a degreening manual and checked its facts on the Internet so now I am not sure of several things. What is the best temperature for a degreening room? The best humidity for the degreening room? How long can you keep grapefurits and naval oranges in a degreening room? I live in south Texas and their grapefruit is Texas Red.

Hidalgo County Texas

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I would tend to use the manual over the internet as anyone can put anything on the internet. So if the manual is authentic, then it should be good. However, I would also think that the company that you will be working for has their own specific protocol for the degreening process and will train you accordingly.

Good luck!!