Goats, end of life planning and disposal

Asked September 25, 2013, 5:16 PM EDT

We have two elderly pet goats, one is deaf and one is blind. I doubt they will make it through another winter. I would like a referal to a service that can help us with end of life, when the time comes, and with disposal of the carcasses. Thank you for any information on what to do, and who can help us make the decision and help carry it out. thank you!

Multnomah County Oregon

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Hi --You are wise to consider this necessity ahead of time. Although unpleasant, such decisions are part of being a responsible pet owner. I went to the web site of the American Association of Small Ruminant Practitioners (www.aasrp.org) and found this contact info for two veterinarians in your area:

Dr. Joe Snyder, Portland 541-297-6246 josephhoytsnyder@gmail.com Dr. Shakyra Rosario, Estacada Eagle Fern Equine Hospital 503-630-4558 srosario@eaglefernequine.com Either should be familiar with the laws pertaining to carcass disposal in your area. Dr. Snyder may be retired and therefore unavailable to euthanize your goats, however. Be advised that if a veterinarian uses a euthanasia solution on your animals, the bodies must be protected from scavengers (dogs, birds, cats, coyotes, cougars, etc.) because these creatures could die if they scavenged on the carcass; cremation or deep burial is usually sufficient protection. Best wishes with all that is upcoming.Congratulations on being able to keep two goats happy and healthy into old age!