What is good soil mixture for raised beds?

Asked September 25, 2013, 4:16 PM EDT

I feel I need to improve the quality of my soil. I had a friend recommend a few years ago to build raised beds for my veggies and then get the compost from the landfill. It seems to me the compost is very dry. I am considering buying top soil and mixing it with the compost. Would this be a good idea or am I opening up another can of worms? I do compost but it is not ready yet. I have also read about spent mushroom compost, is this even an option around this area or would it be too expensive?

Johnson County Iowa

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A good soil mix for a raised bed consists of one part fertile well-drained soil, one part organic matter, and one part coarse sand. If the compost is dry, add some water. If possible, get your soil from some other location in the yard (possibly a garden). The quality of purchased/bagged soil is quite variable. Mushroom compost is fine, but it's difficult to find in the Midwest and is rather expensive.