Are there resources cash-strapped towns can access to design a community memorial garden?

Asked September 25, 2013, 10:55 AM EDT

A small village has asked my help in designing a memorial garden. This is a garden they want community members to be actively involed in but I think there are many aspects to consider. Thanks for the help.

Mecosta County Michigan

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You are correct in that there are many aspects to consider. I have never heard of any resources, either in the way of money or help, for designing memorial gardens.

But this should not be that difficult for someone that has some landscape design background. I am guessing that the village has a location in mind and a size. You need to do a site assessment of the amount of light, soil, availability of water and some idea if there are people available to manage this. The light, soil and ability to keep this watered are going to guide plant choices. Someone that is part of the village must have some idea of what they envision this to look like.

There also needs to be some kind of a rough budget. But you have to realize, no one has extra money in this economy so it is going to be difficult to find money outside of this community. If this is a veterans' memorial? Are there groups willing to donate money? Are there volunteers to help install and maintain it? If the answer is no to the questions, then who is pushing the memorial garden? There should be a committee of committed, competent people working on this.