harvesting blue grama grass seed

Asked September 24, 2013, 3:21 PM EDT

We have a 5 A. field of yucca and grasses. I understand that the grass with the tall seed stem that has what looks like an eyebrow on top is blue grama. I'd like to know (1) how and when best to harvest the seed, (2) do the seeds have to be separated from the "eyebrow?" (3) does the seed need to be dried out or anything else before planting? (4) how should the soil be prepared, (5) at what depth and spacing should the seed be planted, (6) what's the acceptable time period for fall seeding? and (7) how should the seeded ground be treated, i.e., frequency of watering, use of mulch, etc. Thanks! Paul Burke

El Paso County Colorado

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Thank you for your questions Paul Burke.

Let's properly identify the grass you would like to grow. Do you have the capabilities to send me pictures?

Also, did you want instructions for planting 5 acres of this grass?