How long must we wait to show Boer goat after he receives meds?

Asked September 24, 2013, 8:28 AM EDT

We gave our Boer goat Dura-Pen for an infection, after dehorning him. The last dose was given to him on 9/20/13 and we have a state fair show coming up. What is the withdrawal period? We're worried there is a chance he will be disqualified. Any help you can give is greatly appreciated. He is a 9-month-old wether. We gave him about 2 to 3 cc two times a day for three days.

Collin County Texas

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Dura-Pen is FDA approved for beef cattle only. Dura-Pen is not approved by FDA for use in goats. Actually no penicillin is approved for goats. Approved use of penicillin in goats must be administered or prescribed only by a licensed veterinarian for extra-label use with a medical diagnosis and extended withdrawal time for slaughter.

Dura-Pen is a long-lasting antibiotic for use in beef cattle: only two doses 48 hours apart are to be administered by label in beef cattle. By following the label on proper dosage of administering the two doses, the withdrawal time for slaughter is 30 days. The presence of the drug in the urine is normally longer than the 30 days, which is a consideration in showing beef cattle when the urine must test negative at the show.

Since this goat received six doses within 3 days of the unapproved product, the withdrawal time for slaughter and the elimination time for urine to clear for show have been extremely extended to an unknown time, likely for longer than 90 days.

Thank you very much for your answer