How to get rid of tree suckers in lawn

Asked September 23, 2013, 10:02 AM EDT

Two years ago I cut down a very large locust tree in my yard and had the trunk ground out. Ever since there have been little trees popping up ALL OVER the yard. Assuming they are roots searching for water. How can I get rid of these things? I have tried pulling them out root and all but we are talking every week for all summer but its not working. HELP!!!

Benton County Iowa

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The roots of the locust tree are still alive. The roots will continue to produce shoots until the roots are dead. Killing the roots will require persistence and patience. The best way to destroy the roots of the locust tree is with applications of glyphosate (Roundup). When sprouts appear, cut them off near ground level. Immediately apply Roundup to the cut surface of each sprout. Pour a small amount of Roundup concentrate in a container, dip a foam-type paintbrush in the Roundup, and then dab the Roundup on the cut surface of each sprout. It will likely take 2 or 3 years (possibly longer) of applying Roundup to sprouts to get enough Roundup in the root system to completely kill it.