Can I make applesauce with raw apples before processing?

Asked September 21, 2013, 10:54 PM EDT

My husband had an idea to dice up raw, peeled, seeded apples and load them into clean jars AND THEN process them to make applesauce? Have you heard of this technique and if so, do you have processing times?

King County Washington

1 Response

Another home canner had a similar question which Mary Schroeder from Colorado State University Extension answered. Following is her reply.

"Both sliced apples and applesauce require the hot pack method. Simply blenderizing apples and cold packing would be a food safety concern because of the density of the product. It would require more processing time for the heat to adequately penetrate the jar. If you want really chunky applesauce, just follow the instructions for sliced apples, then blenderize it when you go to eat it. Other option is to freeze your applesauce if you don't want any heat processing"

Mary Schroeder Colorado State University Extension (970) 491-7252