Will tree be damaged if I insert brass screws?

Asked September 21, 2013, 9:53 PM EDT

Will putting in three brass screws about 2 inches long into a tree to attach a bracket damage the tree?

Benzie County Michigan

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Hello and thank you or your question! If you are asking about a healthy, stress free, fairly mature tree the 3 screws should not be a problem.
A couple things to remember: putting the screws in will be causing a wound to the tree that could make an entry spot for insects and disease. Keep an eye on your tree so it's health is not compromised.
The other item to remember is that the tree will keep growing and getting 'fatter'. Eventually the screws could be covered by the new growth. Depending on the purpose of the screws it may be a good idea not to put them flush with the current growth if you plan on removing them in the future. Hope this helps!