Pickles touched a copper-bottomed pot

Asked September 19, 2013, 10:40 AM EDT

My daughter was making refrigerator pickles last night and needed something large to cover the bowl they were to sit out in overnight on the counter. She used a large copper bottom pot to cover the bowl, and in the night, the pot shifted and the copper bottom fell into the brine. Now this morning, some of the pickles are discolored, and she wants to know whether they are safe to eat if she removes the discolored ones.

Griggs County North Dakota

1 Response

Toss the discolored ones, and all the others will be safe to use. The discoloration is a reaction between the copper metal and the vinegar in the brine. Eating a large number of the discolored pickles could be toxic from the metal; so yes, discard those. Happy Pickling!