What to do with inherited hobby vineyard I don't want

Asked September 18, 2013, 4:43 PM EDT

I inherited a wonderful 50 vine vineyard from previous owner of our home. However, neither my husband nor I drink alcohol and we don't have an inclination to make wine. The previous owner planned on making wine and did a nice job of training the grapes. I did trim them this summer and weeded them, but did not spray, so they have powdery mildew.

Could I sell them? I would much rather plant a vegetable garden. I think they are five or more years old. I would even be willing to give them away, it seems such a pity to destroy plants that took such an effort to develop. Any suggestions?

Josephine County Oregon

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Once the grapes have powdery mildew they won't have any value for either making wine or selling this year. If you develop a spray program to prevent the mildew in the years ahead you could possibly sell the grapes. I would advertise the varieties and potential quantity to sell to home winemakers.

If you are looking at the area that the vineyard is in for a vegetable garden, you will need to remove the old vines and dig or kill out the roots with herbicide. Five year old vines can not be transplanted since you will lose most of the root.