carb content of dehydrated veggies

Asked September 18, 2013, 7:39 AM EDT

Your site on dehydration of veggies very informative and interesting. I would like to know about the carb content. Many thanks.

Cochise County Arizona

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The carb content would vary depending on the vegetable that has been dehydrated and the serving amount. You may find this site helpful:

I realize that. Generally tho, do dehy veggies carb content remain the same as un-dehy?? The site was not helpful. Thanks.

The carb content is not going to change if you only eat the amount you dehydrated. The problem that most people run into is that it is very easy to consume a lot of food in it's dehydrated state if it is not reconstituted. Think of a bunch of grapes as compared to small pile of raisins which would have the exact same carbohydrate load. You could consume a lot of raisins which might be difficult to do if they were in grape state (due to the sheer volume). If you are looking for a guide that will give you exact equivalents, we do not have such a guide, I did some searching online and could not find one. I you measure for yourself and keep a record of the volume achieved you would know the carb content. For example if you dehydrate 1 cup of yellow squash and find that it is reduced to 1/2 cup in volume then you know the carb content of 1/2 cup of yellow squash. I hope you have found this answer useful.

Thank you, that was helpful.