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Asked September 17, 2013, 4:35 PM EDT

Hi. We have just purchased 200 acres in Madras with a 165 Ac. pivot on very fertile soil. It is currently being leased and is growing orchard grass, tritacale, alfalfa, and has pasture with cows grazing. My questions: 1. How do we establish a fair price for the tenant farmer? 2. Someone else wants to lease it and grow hybrid carrot seed and would that be a good idea in terms of depleting the soil or not? 3. What kind of maintenance program should a pivot be on and should we pay for it or the tenant farmer? 4. Are there classes one may take to learn to be a good farm manager?

Jefferson County Oregon

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Please contact:

Mylen Bohle, Crook County Crops Extension agent

541-447-6228 or

He will be back in the office on Thursday, Sept 26.