Want troublesome fox gone

Asked September 16, 2013, 7:05 PM EDT

How do you get rid of fox that are roaming residential property and neighborhood?

Anne Arundel County Maryland

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Fox are part of the natural environment and circle of life. There is no reason to rid them from the landscape. You can however, discourage them from hanging around by removing food sources such as cat/dog food, bird feeders and even compost piles. (They don't eat the compost, but the bird feeders and compost piles can attract birds and small mammals that they do eat.)
They are solitary and shy and rarely cause problems for homeowners.
Here is our diagnostic page on them: http://plantdiagnostics.umd.edu/level3.cfm?causeID=114

So...do foxes pose a threat to children or pets?

As the diagnostic page noted, typically, foxes are not a problem for home gardeners, and, most foxes pose little hazard to humans, as long as you leave them alone. Teach your children to leave wild animals alone. They are shy and want to avoid people. Should fox be out in the broad daylight and acting friendly or aggressive, they could be ill and should be avoided.
Fox primarily eat things like frogs and mice. We don't know what pets you have, but it is generally recommended that cats should be kept indoors. It would be rare, but to be safe very small dogs should probably be accompanied in the yard. Check with your vet to see if they have heard of dogs being taken by fox in your area.
Should you see fox acting friendly during the day (they are primarily nocturnal) you can call the Dept. of Nat'l Resources Nuisance Wildlife Information Line: 877-463-6497