Asked September 15, 2013, 2:05 PM EDT

We have an overwhelming swarm of grayish/brown "beetles" that swarm our rural home this time of year. They manage to get inside as well and remain all winter, then swarm again in the spring. They measure up to 3/8 of an inch, 6 legged with a set of antennae. Can't see any evidence of damage and do not seem to be attracted by foods. We have pine, juniper, fruit and other domestic trees, shrubs and flowers that all appear healthy and are without damage. They seem to be attracted to the sunny side of the house in the late afternoon. Windows are covered with them, both inside and out. My vacuum sits out continuously and I vacuum the windows, walls, furniture and floors several times a day---turn my back and I can start all over. I have used Raid fumigators (with permethrin) which helps for about 10 days and then they are back with a vengeance. They invaded our area about 30 years ago when I lived in Monument. Now I'm in Long Creek and the last 5 years they seem much worse. No one seems to have a name for them or a solution to the problem. I would like to send some for identification and possibly find some type of resolution or help with control. I can tolerate the few weeks that they swarm outside but it's the year around problem inside that is becoming intolerable. Can you give me any help or advice? To whom could I send some for identification? I don't have the means or knowledge of submitting a photo with this. Thank You, Jan

Grant County Oregon

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Hello Jan, It is likely that you are having a grass bug invasion. We are having the same problem right now in Union County. We have a publication in PDF format that I can send you if you would send me your e-mail address. It contains information about the grass bug and ways to combat it--besides the vacuum cleaner. You can e-mail me at