Weed problems

Asked September 13, 2013, 6:02 PM EDT

I have have a one acre garden in Van Zandt County. The soil is great And vegetables do well, but weeds overtake the garden very quickly. Is there anything I can try other than constantly hoeing? The garden is Probably too large to spread mulch cover.

Van Zandt County Texas

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The day of the hoe is over!!! There is a product called Poast, only works on grassy type weeds, like crabgrass, bermudagrass etc... It's kinda late in the year touse, best when the grassy weeds are in the seedling stage (young). You can spray over-the-top of most vegetables, with the exeption of corn, it will think corn is a weed and kill it. Give it a try next spring, think you will like it and should be available at most feed & seed stores.