Citrus greening in Florida

Asked September 13, 2013, 12:59 PM EDT

We've received an ad from a commercial company saying they can inject our citrus trees with something that will cure them of citrus greening. We've not read any news from the University of Florida saying that they have found a cure. Have they??

Pinellas County Florida

1 Response

I've received this answer from Steve Futch, a multi-county citrus Extension agent:

"Companies can make claims but I am unaware of any product or products that can be injected into a citrus tree to provide a cure of greening or HLB."

For more information, see the Citrus Greening section of "Citrus Problems in the Home Landscape", which advises:

"There is no cure for citrus greening, but good care of trees including irrigation, weed control, soil-applied fertilizer, foliar nutrition, and effective psyllid control may keep the trees productive. "

You may also wish to contact the Pinellas county extension office for additional consultation: