Grass/Tree issues

Asked September 10, 2013, 11:30 AM EDT

I live at 71634 Baseline Ln., Lexington, Oregon. Basically a old farm house area that was built around 1903. I am having problems with several of my large trees, lilac trees, and now grass dieing off. I believe I provide plenty of water, but things are just going downhill. When my grandmother lived in the house, it was always in perfect condition and everything was growing perfectly. I need to know what I am doing wrong and try to fix it ASAP. As a OSU grad, the Extension/Master Gardener services was the first group I thought to contact. I can provide pictures, etc. I am also wondering if I need to test my soil and water to see if that is a problem. I can provide any pictures you would like to see. Thank you for your help, Justin Nelson

Morrow County Oregon

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If you would send a couple of pictures to my email address, I will forward them to our Master Gardener in Hermiston who is on-call this month, and see if they can give you some helpful tips.