comice pears

Asked September 10, 2013, 1:46 AM EDT

I have a comice pear tree and this is its first year of harvestable pears. When do I harvest them and do they have to be in a cooler and taken out to ripen?

Clatsop County Oregon

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Hello, we recieved a similar question recently - I have put the answer for you to read below: Determining when pears are ready to pick can be challenging for home fruit growers. Harvest maturity of commercially grown pears is judged primarily by fruit firmness measured with a penetrometer - fruit becomes less firm as it becomes more mature. Home fruit growers rely on more subtle changes including the following: skin color will change to a lighter shade of green, fruit flesh becomes whiter and will be wet rather than dry when cut, the surface wax becomes more developed and gives a smooth feel. Comice typically needs four weeks of cold storage before ripening to best eating quality. For more information see -
Steve Castagnoli Extension Horticulturist Oregon State University Extension Service Hood River, Oregon 541-386-3343 ext 255