Is "modern" wheat unhealthful?

Asked September 9, 2013, 11:11 PM EDT

There is a raging debate in the public arena about the wheat that was developed by Dr. Borlaug in the 1960's. A popular bestselling book, "Wheat Belly" and countless self-proclaimed "experts" say that our present wheat supply is unhealthy and even 'toxic' to human health. The scientific community, and nutritionists do not seem to be engaging in this dialog, and it is hard for the average citizen to make sense of the claims. Could you please point to scholarly, scientific articles on the matter?

Harris County Texas

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Good afternoon,

In response to your question about modern wheat - is it safe? Yes. Unlike corn and soybeans GMO (genetically modified organisms - glyphosate resistant wheat or Bt corn) technology is not currently allowed to be used in wheat.

As to your comment 'no one is talking about it'. That is far from the truth. The problem is the mainstream media does not want to report facts about GMO's and therefore any positive information about their use - both agronomically and nutritionally, is either not published or buried.

I cannot and will not pretend to be an expert on how the technology is incorporated in wheat but wanted to share a very good article written by a professor at the University of Florida on the subject that I read recently which addresses your question.

As you probably know this is a highly contentious and somewhat controversial topic for a lot of people but it is one that as this professor says there is no debate about in the scientific community.

I hope this article helps you make up your mind about the safety of the food in this country.