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Asked September 9, 2013, 4:54 PM EDT

Thank you for considering my question. I realize there is a myriad resources on the Internet, but I was hoping to obtain an answer from a credible source that is specific for my location (Cornelius, Oregon). I have ~7 arces of field that I would like to preapre so our horse and donkey may safely graze and walk on the pasture. The field has not been attended to for over 6 years, with the exception of periodic mowing. About half of the field contains Tanzy weeds, which I have been pruning and disposing of in the trash. I need guidance on how to remove the many varieties of weeds from the field, what to do about the mole and goffer holes, and the most cost effective and safe fence to install. The current fence consists of 8" diameter poles, about 4' in height, with 3 wires strung horizontally. The property is on a slight slope, and there is a year around pond at the bottom of the property.Thank you.

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There are quite a number of questions and probably best handled with a phone chat. Feel free to call me on my cell phone at 503-931-5163

Gene Pirelli
Regional livestock forage specialist