Asked September 8, 2013, 6:39 PM EDT

My day lily has a new shoot growing from the stem. What can I do with it? Is this a new plant? Can I put it in soil or in water to grow roots?

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Hello, and thank you for a using Ask an Expert to learn about propagating your daylily.

What you have is called a proliferation, “prolif” for short. A prolif is a new plant growing on the flower stem and is an exact copy of the original dayily. If you look closely you may see new roots already beginning to develop. I usually wait until I see roots about a quarter inch long, then cut the flower stem about a half inch or so below them. (That bit of extra stem helps stabilize the “cutting” in the pot. You can trim off all the flower stem above the prolif.) I suggest you root the prolif in a small pot filled with a moist growing medium, but not soil.

You’ll find detailed instructions how to proceed in “Take advantage of multiplying daylilies’
You’ll need to protect the prolif through the winter as it develops roots then, after the soil warms, plant it into the garden.

Good luck!