Low sugar crockpot apple sauce

Asked September 7, 2013, 10:31 PM EDT

I like to limit refined sugar in my families diet whenever possible. This year I have a ton of apples and have been looking at low sugar crockpot apple sauce ideas. Most of the recipes I've been looking at call for water and sugar. Could I replace the water and refined sugar with unsweetened apple juice and still safely can it? Are there other suggestions for natural sweeteners that I could use as an alternative to refined sugar? Thanks for your help!

Lane County Oregon

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You don't have to add any sugar when making apple sauce even if you plan to can it. Sugar is only a flavor enhancer. If you think the apple sauce is too sour you can certainly add apple juice in stead of water when cooking the apples.

You might also try making the apple sauce in the microwave. Fill a 2 quart microwave container with sliced apples, cover and cook for approximately 12 minutes. This will soften the apples. Then they can be put through a food strainer for sauce or stirred for chunky style apple sauce. No sugar needed.

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Nellie Oehler