pesticide overuse

Asked September 7, 2013, 5:54 PM EDT

today,9/7/2013 they have been spraying every hour on the hour. There is a park about a block and 1/2 away from us & there has been all kinds of activity going on there for the last few weeks for which I'm glad. I suspect over use because twice this week my dog has had seizures! When I reached down to pick her up, I usually hold her & put epsom salt in her mouth which does the trick, I had a diaphragm spasm I got her calmed down & she seized again!? As I write this she may be going into a 3rd one. Every year for the last 3 at least we go thru this. Burning nose,sinuses, probably all other mucous membranes, stomach distress from bloating, gas, diarrhea, nausea,sinuses pouring out mucous which is an indicator of chemical burn, feeling foggy headed in the morning, feeling listless, this funny lower back ache, probably brain pain, (Iknow this because I had a brain bleed 10 years ago & that was my only symptom, it sticks out because I don't get low back pain,skin that feels like it is burning, when you go out in sun you burn very quickly, headaches,weakness like you need to haul yourself out of the chair or hold on so you don't fall and in general malaise and loss of life enthusiasm. It feels like it messes with your hormones or something. I would imagine that the Carbondale DPW takes care of this. Also Party Tent guy on Meredith St is guilty of over use. There was a wedding behind us a few years ago & some 14 yo kid was setting up the sprayer. I could tell this kid was clueless because he kept asking the boss different things before he was done. The last question was "How high do I set it?, to which the boss replied, "Give it to them full blast. I don't want them complaining." This was Wed. By Sun night our noses were runing copiously, tears you couldn't stop were running down your face and so on and so forth. We also know because when we bought our previous house it was the year before chlordane was banned.Trust me I have a very good idea what this type exposure feels like. The other thing I find concerning is the town we live in is populated by drunks, derelicts, and the ones that were left behind. I would not want them to set up anything of this nature. My experience w/ this ilk has been they will not either know or care enogh to do a proper job. If they get it wrong they'll think "So what? It's done isn't it?" I contacted a friend from where we used to live back in NJ who is an entomologist. His opinion is that it's not set up correctly and over spraying. In referring to most msds much of this stuff only needs to be sprayed once or twice within 24 hrs. The biospheres will do the continuous release thereafter. Can you please help? I am sick of seeing a 100 dead flies in the window sills. Or my wall covered in gnats in the spring. Or constantly being sick. Last year there were 4 dogs at the vet that the vet tech said had the same symptoms, drooling, diarrhea, loss of appetite, the week my Skylar died. I'll always swear he was poisoned by the herbicide they used along the river. It smelled horrible. And there was no wind or rain to carry it off. Also I garden organically. So what am I collateral damage? Thanks for any help. Please educate these people on how to do this properly. Mary R

Lackawanna County Pennsylvania

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Oh my, it sounds like you are having a really hard time. I would suggest contacting your local government, township, or whomever is ordering the spraying. We do work hard to educate the public about issues like proper use of pesticides. Good luck to you.